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MK Medic

3 Layers Adult Face Mask / 5-Pack

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Reusable and washable Face Mask. 

  • Reusable personal Face Mask that offers 3 layers of protection
    • Non woven 100% Polypropylene filter
    • Measures 5.5" in height and 7.5" wide
    • Elastic Spandex ear loops



    Non-medical mask double knit spacer 97% Polyester and 3 % spandex with 100% Polypropylene filter.

    Elastic Spandex fasteners.


    Maintenance and instructions

    Before the first use and between each use make sure to wash your mask with hot  water or 145°F maximum.

    Tumble dry at 140°F maximum.

    When putting it on, do not touch the inside of the mask.

    Put on the mask using the elastic bands.

    Once the mask is in place, do not touch it.

    Change the mask if possible every two hours and immediately put it in a bag until washing.

    After removing the mask, be sure to wash your hands.

    16 CFR Class  1


    Sanitary indications

    Although it contributes to reducing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which leads to Covid-19, this washable fabric mask is not an alternative to the surgical mask or N95. You must continue to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face and respect the public health instructions while applying social distancing.


    Made in Canada


    3 Layers Adult Face Mask  / 5-Pack

    3 Layers Adult Face Mask / 5-Pack